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Objectives of the Tennessee Valley Mopar Club

  • To have fun with our hobby.
  • To promote increased interest in older Mopar cars and trucks.
  • To promote increased interest in all Mopar cars and trucks.
  • To make owning a Mopar an enjoyable and proud experience.
  • To assist Mopar car owners in the restoration and preservation of their vehicles by providing information, literature, and parts assistance.
  • To maintain, at all times among ourselves a warm atmosphere, ethical conduct, firm friendship and highest sportsmanship behavior.

TVMC Membership Application Form

We would be thrilled to have you as a member of our club! If you are interested, then please download our Membership Application (Adobe Acrobat Reader Required).

Please note that we do have a $20.00 Annual due. They are due in January of each year. Dues are considered late and your status as a club member is suspended if not paid by March of each year. Reinstatement will occur upon receipt of your dues for the full year. You may send your Application for Membership, along with your dues, to the address below or you may bring it to any meeting and present it in person. You are welcome to attend any meeting and meet some of the members before you decide to join.


P.O. Box 2042

Huntsville, AL 35804

TVMC Newsletters

Every month our Editor brings us up-to-date with our activities in the TVMC monthly newsletter. Thanks to him, we’re able to add these newsletters to the site. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required, since these are in .PDF format!

2010 Newsletters

  • TVMC Newsletter – March 2010
    We talk about our upcoming road trip to Wellburn Muscle Car Museum, request for volunteers at our 2010 show and our newsletter editor shoots off a rant about his Javelin project.
  • TVMC Newsletter – February 2010
    Short newsletter this time around. We spent a brief moment about the small event at Fayetteville Dodge and we also talk about the planning stages of a Mopar cruise coming up in March or April!
  • TVMC Newsletter – January 2010
    Its a new year, great start for the Tennessee Valley Mopar Club. This newsletter contains our upcoming meeting dates, info about a small show on Jan. 23 and club shirts & hats for our members!

2009 Newsletters

  • TVMC Newsletter – December 2009
    Officers have been selected for the 2010 year & Christmas dinner at the old Greenbrier’s Restaurant! Merry Christmas everybody!
  • TVMC Newsletter – November 2009
    More talks of nominations, insulating the garage and the upcoming Christmas dinner at the old Greenbrier’s Restaurant at 6:00PM on Dec. 19th!
  • TVMC Newsletter – October 2009
    A beefy newsletter which consists of some triva, upcoming events, election nominations and even information about ordering a TVMC hat and shirt! Oh, and Christmas dinner will be at the old Greenbrier’s Restaurant at 6:00PM on Dec. 19th!
  • TVMC Newsletter – July 2009
    Very short newsletter. The editor shares his thoughts of the movie ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’, we change our meeting date to the Landers McClarty Show, and stuff for sale plus upcoming events.
  • TVMC Newsletter – June 2009
    Our big show is days away, are you ready?!  Weather is looking nice and we’re going to have a smashing show (not literally, don’t want to be responsible for any mopars wrecking)
  • TVMC Newsletter – May 2009
    Getting prepped for our big show in June!  Check out the May newsletter – Roy shares his thoughts on the 40 best car-related movies on DVD.
  • TVMC Newsletter – April 2009
    We introduce our new Newsletter Editor, Roy Gronau.  He takes over Bob Glovers position while Bob fills in the Vice President Spot.  In this newsletter, Roy proudly shows details of his pro-street Cuda.
  • TVMC Newsletter – March 2009
    Small newsletter for this month.  We give our goodbyes to our Vice President George Zoller as he leaves for Detroit, speak on Lennie’s past projects with his 440, and discuss what will happen with our March meeting.
  • TVMC Newsletter – February 2009
    We take a moment to reflect our views on Chris Louden’s life, details on our February meeting, 2 products featured for your mopar and a touch of mopar history.

2008 Newsletters

  • TVMC Newsletter – August 2008
    This newsletter contains more detailed statistics of our 2008 Show as well as an introduction on our next meeting with John Vaughn talking about Wing Cars.
  • TVMC Newsletter – July 2008
    This newsletter contains statistics of our 2008 Show as well as projects from club members Pete and Chris on their mopars!
  • TVMC Newsletter – May 2008
    Our show is coming up in another month! We need volunteers, so if you would like to help with our show read this newsletter! We also show off Chris Louden’s 66 Charger in our Projects page.
  • TVMC Newsletter – April 2008
    Info on the April club meeting, the latest mopar news, and progress pictures of Roy Gronau’s Cuda can be found in this issue.
  • TVMC Newsletter – March 2008
    In this touching newsletter, member Doug Eagan shares an excellent memorandum of George Snellen who passed earlier this month due to complications of luekemia…
  • TVMC Newsletter – February 2008
    Members, we are still in need for you to sign up for this year! We also cover a topic of joining the SEMA SANS network. This organization allows us to add our names to the list of thousands who have joined SEMA in the fight to restrict local, state and federal legislation efforts to send our hobby to the crusher forever.

2007 Newsletters

  • TVMC Newsletter – November 2007
    Very big newsletter with progress on George’s Health, talk about the January presentation (converting drum brakes to disc), information about tearing apart a Chrysler 8 3/4″ differential, and much, much more!
  • TVMC Newsletter – October 2007
    Elections are over, the previous officers are keeping their spots for the next year. Also an update on one of our members condition (George Snellen) as he fights Leukemia, and tons of things in the swap section for you to check out.
  • TVMC Newsletter – September 2007
    Elections are almost over, let your voice be heard! Also contains an Exhaust System product review and pictures of George’s Satellite engine bay.
  • TVMC Newsletter – August 2007
    This newsletter is a huge one! We discuss a new event called “Wrenching” where we work on other’s projects, talk about upcoming Officer Elections, and even introduce “Product Reports” for when members recommend products that they have used and talk about their results.
  • TVMC Newsletter – July 2007
    A great show we had for the 2007 year! We list a couple of discussions on the show, as well as tips on using WD-40 for various things other than to lubricate parts!
  • TVMC Newsletter – June 2007
    More show discussion, logo of our 2007 Show Shirt, and more pictures of George’s Satellite with his carb linkage!
  • TVMC Newsletter – May 2007
    We discuss about our show that is coming up in June, as well as showing some pictures of George’s Satellite!
  • TVMC Newsletter – March 2007
    Jammed with information showing off George’s Engine Bay restoration, news about the Chrysler Division, Gas prices, our last presentation with replacing a whole back-half of a car and tons more! It’s worth checking out!
  • TVMC Newsletter – February 2007
    Check out this newsletter, it’s packed with information. We now have added a Projects page to let you know where folks are at working on their cars, as well as info on membership renewal. Don’t forget to check out the ad’s as well!
  • TVMC Newsletter – January 2007
    Don’t miss the January meeting as George will present “How to do Front End Alignments”. Also contains dates for upcoming events.

2006 Newsletters

  • TVMC Newsletter – December 2006
    Did you know that a Ford Pickup caught on fire at our Christmas party? Read the scoop in this newsletter. Also contains information on our last meeting with the classic car insurance as well as future meeting dates.
  • TVMC Newsletter – November 2006
    In this newsletter, we will share details on Classic Car Insurance at our upcoming meeting. We also had great presentations of the Walter P. Chrysler Museum and from the Mopar Nationals from our last meeting.
  • TVMC Newsletter – October 2006
    We welcome two new members, discuss the last meeting, and share upcoming dates that you don’t want to miss in this newsletter.
  • TVMC Newsletter – June 2006
    In the June newsletter, we’re gathering last minute details about the show. We also have more items in the swap section!
  • TVMC Newsletter – May 2006
    In the May newsletter, we’re setting up plans for the TVMC Show in June. We also have more items in the swap section, and you can even find a tutorial on how to create a Quick Start Relay based on George’s presentation last month! Check it out!
  • TVMC Newsletter – April 2006
    In the April newsletter, it’s jam-packed with information on the April Meeting where George Snellen will discuss “Chrysler Electronic Ignitions”, finalize plans for our June ‘Show & Go’ car show, a farewell to Hank Hubbard who is off to the Hurricane Katrina Redevelopment Workforce for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (looking forward for his return!), and pics of our March meeting!
  • TVMC Newsletter – March 2006
    In the March newsletter, you’ll see what we have planned for the March meeting, check out the what’s for sell or trade and even view pictures of the February meeting!
  • TVMC Newsletter – February 2006
    In February’s newsletter, you can read about the new Challenger concept, see what members have for sell, a presentation of “The Well-Equipped Tool Bag” and more!
  • TVMC Newsletter – January 2006
    In January’s newsletter, you’ll hear about the new 2006 Club Officers, club meeting schedules, membership dues, and even some pictures of the 2005 Christmas Party.