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George Snellen

Rest in Peace, George R. Snellen ~ 1949 – 2008

George Snellen, wife Marcia

Current Mopars:
1968 Barracuda, slant 6, auto, nice driver
1973 Barracuda, 318 4 Bbl, auto, very nice eye catching driver
1972 Satellite, 400 2 Bbl, auto, undergoing resto to be a nice driver
1970 Dart, slant 6, auto, excellent unrestored condition, getting engine work done to be an all weather driver

This rust-free car from Atlanta was restored in 1999 for driving service.  It has been used 45,000 miles since resto.

Short Bio:
Mechanical engineer with 35 years in the aerospace/defense business, married 30 years to Marcia, with 1 grown son

Your First Mopar:
1970 Dart, slant 6, 3 in the tree. Bought it in 1971 when I graduated from college. I drove it over 200,000 miles, until it rusted out from under me.

1970 Dart slant 6, auto.

This car was recently found in Huntsville in excellent unrestored condition.  It is undergoing repairs needed to make it a dependable daily driver.

Your Dream Mopar:

Favorite Mopar Experience:
2 of them
1. 1975 Driving the 1970 Dart on our 2 week honeymoon to Canada.
2. 2005 Driving the 1968 Barracuda on our 30th anniversary and second honeymoon to Canada

1972 Satellite, 400, 2 Bbl, auto.

This car was recently bought to be restored as fast fun driver.  It runs well and is undergoing numerous minor repairs preparatory to painting.

Worst Mopar Experience:
1974 I dozed off going down I-65 at about 70 mph in the first 1970 Dart. I sideswiped a guardrail and tore up the driver’s side of the car. The front tire went flat, but I changed the tire and kept on going.

None, except 35 years of fun driving all my Mopars.

1973 Barracuda, 318, 4Bbl, auto.

This car was restored in 1993 for driver service. It has seen 100,000+ fun-filled miles since resto.

Other Hobbies:
Photography, restoring antique furniture and machines