Members – George Zoller

George Zoller

George Zoller

Current Mopars:
85 Omni GLHT, PT Cruiser, 1955 Dodge Pickup (The Beast)

85 Omni GLHT

Short Bio:
Mopar Nut, Worked for Chrysler for 25 years, Married to my Great wife Jacklyn who is also a car nut

Your First Mopar:
Dodge Caravan

Your Dream Mopar:
69 Hemi Roadrunner, Viper (Does a Viper steering wheel on my GLH count?)

Favorite Mopar Experience:
They have all been Great so far!!

85 Omni GLHT

Worst Mopar Experience:
None that I can think of.


Other Hobbies:
Cars, Drag Races, WWII Aircraft