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Judson Hudson

Judson Hudson

Current Mopars:
68′ Dodge Charger (will be a General Lee Clone)
73′ Dodge Charger SE (General Lee Clone)
73′ Dodge Charger SE (nicknamed Turd)
72′ Plymouth Satellite (Dukes of Hazzard Police Car)

73′ Dodge Charger SE, restored with the help of my dad.

Short Bio:
Graduated High School in 2004, Currently working at NASA as a Drawing Digitizer

Your First Mopar:
73′ Dodge Charger SE

Your Dream Mopar:
1969 Dodge Charger with a 440 BB as a General Lee (I like to keep my dreams small so one day I can actually accomplish them)

Favorite Mopar Experience:
Everytime I take the car out, people honk their horns, give thumbs up, and even take pictures with their camera phone!

Original 400 Big Block, 4-Bbl, with A/C

Worst Mopar Experience:
None Yet

2006 Hooter’s Girl Choice Award at Hooter’s Car Show and many others

Other Hobbies:
Dukes of Hazzard, Computers, Graphic Design, Creating Websites (my other site is Simprograms), Video Games, listening to Rick & Bubba in the mornings, Mopars, The Sims (computer game), I could go on and on!