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Paul Wright

Paul Wright

Current Mopars:
1969 Roadrunner 383 (disassembled)
1968 Coronet R/T (being painted)
1979 Ramcharger 4×4
1967 Coronet Station Wagon
1986 Omni GLH, 1979 Dodge Magnum XE

1986 Omni GLH

Short Bio:
My father worked for the Chrysler race program just before they pulled out of NASCAR. He worked in a little-known experimental shop here in Huntsville, fine-tuning suspensions and designing equipment out of sight of the Ford and Chevy spys. Since then we have not been allowed to own anything other than Mopars! I have degrees in Mechanical and Chemical Engineering which I have never used because I got sucked into the family business of selling Oriental Rugs. I’ve restored two cars – a 1971 Challenger convertible and a 1972 Challenger Rallye. Those I’ve sold and am currently working on a 1967 Coronet Wagon to make a fun car for my wife and I to take our two sons to school in.

Your First Mopar:
1979 Dodge Magnum XE. Still have it – have replaced the 360 with a 440. Someone wrote “pi” on the back behind the Magnum badge and I haven’t taken it off.

Your Dream Mopar:
I’m working on it right now.

Favorite Mopar Experience:
Riding with my dad in his 1968 Hemi Charger, and feeling the G-forces and that awesome sound when he gunned the throttle!

1967 Coronet Station Wagon

Worst Mopar Experience:
Waiting on the side of the interstate for a lift because I threw a rod in my 1986 Daytona Turbo Z, knowing that the “clicking” sound was a dire warning I ignored.

None yet

Other Hobbies:
Videogaming, home improvement projects