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Scott Maness

Scott Maness and his son, Mack Maness

Current Mopars:
1974 Roadrunner

Short Bio:
I became a Mopar enthusiast when I purchased my Duster( wish I still had it.) My son and I are currently working on our 1974 Roadrunner. It needed a paint job, still does, and I did not bring it to the 2005 show, much to the dissapointnent of my son.

Your First Mopar:

Your Dream Mopar:

Favorite Mopar Experience:
The best Mopar experiences I remember was riding in the back seat of my sisters boyfriend’s Duster, racing a 1957 Chevy on Highway 72 from Florence, AL.

Worst Mopar Experience:

Winning second place two years ago in the “under construction” catagory at the Mopar show, and proudly watching my son go forward to except the trophy!

Other Hobbies: