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Tom Ayres

Tom Ayres

Current Mopars:
’67 Coronet R/T
’69 Roadrunner
’70 Charger R/T
’72 Charger SE
’82 Dodge Ram
2002 PT Cruiser
2003 PT Crusier

’69 roadrunner which was restored with the help from Jon when he had J&D Restorations.

Short Bio:
Raised on a farm in Middle Tennessee. BS Degree in Mechanical Engineering from UT Chattanooga. Married with 4 kids.

Your First Mopar:
1970 Sport Fury

Your Dream Mopar:
Too many to list!

Favorite Mopar Experience:
Watching a new lift off hood roadrunner blast past the school bus I was riding. I was hooked.

72 Charger with a factory big block 4 speed with air.

Worst Mopar Experience:

My wife. Long story.

Other Hobbies: